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      Hibbard Foundations is located in Akron Ohio. Don & Geri Hibbard founded Hibbard Foundations in 1973. (Interesting tidbit….Don Hibbard was approached by Jack Boarman “a CFA founding member”, to go into business with him. Even though Mr. Hibbard respected Mr. Boarman as a business man and hard worker Mr. Hibbard was interested in full ownership so the partnership never happened.)     In 1992 Hibbard Foundations was made aware of the CFA through Scott Smith of Modern Poured Walls. We knew supporting the CFA made good sense because the CFA would do a lot more to support us. We joined the CFA the next day. Today Hibbard Foundations remains a family business and specializes in poured concrete footings, walls and water proofing.

     My name is Greg Hibbard, and as an employee my Job title is Chief Operating Officer or C.O.O. for short.  As the C.O.O. my #1 duty to is to know the direction and destination the share holders would like the company to go, and then take the company there.  In other words, I am the captain of this ship and with the help of my first mate, my brother Mark Hibbard, we will accomplish what needs to be done while "caring about the details" of each and every customer.

Hibbard Foundations is located in Akron, OH 44312-3831.

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